Do These Things Happen Only To Me?

30 Aug

Dear Mr. Hottie,

I got the most interesting call from you yesterday, but let me back-track a little.  Let’s reminisce, shall we?

I met you soon after the date-rapist episode.  I was out with a friend who succeeded in calming me down, getting me to think rationally again.  We were sitting at a local restaurant food chain, drinking appletinis.  She piped up, asked if I felt like going to the bar.  Sure, I replied.  What else do I have going on?  We took separate cars.

When I arrived at Murphy’s, she said someone was going to meet us.  I shrugged my shoulders, expecting to be another female.  Instead, walked in you.  One of the most beautiful specimens I had ever seen.  Blond hair, blue eyes, muscular.  Phenomenal upper body (which I am a sucker for), and a sexy smirk that made me melt.  It looks like you had just stepped out of a surfing magazine.  I couldn’t take my eyes off you.  I was even more surprised when you sat down at our table, and hugged my friend.  Were you real?  You turned that dazzling smile on me and said…something.  I don’t know what.  I was too busy staring at you and your body.

Our friend noticed the attraction between us and excused herself, said she had to go home and see her husband.  We stayed and talked.  Talked about all kinds of things.  We didn’t even noticed the bar had closed, and chairs were flipped up on tables all around us.  You walked me to my car, and asked me out for the following Friday.  The only people who ask me out are ones I have known for a while, ones who enjoy my personality.  But there you were, only knew me for a couple of hours, and you wanted to see me again.  And, you were gorgeous.  I was ecstatic.

Our first date was wonderful.  You complimented me, you paid attention only to me, even though skanks at the bar continually tried to drag you away.  I felt like a million dollars.  We just talked for five hours.  Neither of us, however, could deny the sexual spark that radiated between us.  As we closed down that bar, you asked me what I wanted to do next.  I didn’t know there was a next, I replied.  Sure, you said.  You explained that other bars in the area were still open.  Then you said it.  What I wanted subconcsiously to hear.

“Or, we can just go back to my place.”

“That option.  I like that option the best.”

I couldn’t believe that just came out of my mouth.  I had never, EVER, gone home with anyone on the first date, and I said so.  You smiled that sexy smile, and told me to consider it our second.

What followed was a night of unbelievable passion.  It was, needless to say, amazing and just what I needed.  I couldn’t believe, you, Mr. Hottie, was giving me such intense pleasure.

What amazed me more was the fact you called me the next day.  I was prepared to write you off as a one-night-stand.  But you proved me wrong.  We went out a few more times, then I stopped hearing from you.  Did you realize I wasn’t in the league of your looks?  Got what you needed?  Thought I would never know.

But last night my phone rang.  Just the sound of your voice flooded me with memories of our nights together. You apologized profusely, said you wanted to call but you just couldn’t.  What’s that mean, I asked?  Why couldn’t you call?

“This chick, who I was seeing before I started seeing you, called me a week ago and told me she was pregnant.”

Ouch.  I was speechless.  I was sad.  I was…I don’t know what.  I thanked you for letting me know, and I hung up.  Then one thought passed through my mind…

At least it’s not me!


One Response to “Do These Things Happen Only To Me?”

  1. Monique August 30, 2009 at 1:36 pm #

    Umm. Wow. Damn.

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