A New Beginning

20 Aug

Dear ex-husband,

That’s right, I am not even going to capitalize your status.  You are not worth it.  You are barely worth me writing these words.  However, I will.  I will reiterate what I have told you so many times already.

Why are we now divorced?  Because you hit me.  You forced yourself on me.  You withheld money from me.  You called me worthless.  A whore.  A slut.  You told me I was useless, that I would never amount to anything.   You told me no one would ever want me, no one would find me attractive, no one would ever love me again.  You played to my insecurities every day, making sure I would never leave you.  But you never counted on one thing…the strength of a fed-up woman.

I finally went back to school, and became what I always wanted to be…a firefighter/paramedic.  And that gave me more strength.  I started standing up to you, which gave me more strength.  I met people who treated me that way I deserve to be treated, even more strength.

I now know I am a beautiful, vivacious woman who is in love with life, and everything it has to offer.  No thanks to you.  I hope you find this blog, and read all about the experiences I will have.  Or have had already.  After all, I can’t make these things up.  Even the bad, is better then you.

Love, Esme


2 Responses to “A New Beginning”

  1. My Dating Hangovers October 30, 2011 at 1:14 pm #

    As long as I’ve been a fan, I never really knew the beginning and what brought you here to the blog world. You’d mentioned the ex and I gathered from the blurbs here and there about him, especially when mentioning things like restraining orders but damn. I had no idea.

    I’m glad you were not broken by someone that doesn’t deserve to be referred to as a man. Even more, I’m glad you’ve channeled your strengths in so many ways including sharing your experiences through writing.

    • Esme October 30, 2011 at 5:35 pm #

      Thank you. This big has definitely saved me a lot on therapy 🙂

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